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Edenberg Design is an investment company that is a long-term owner of small unlisted companies and represents interesting brands with soul.

Edenberg Design is an investment company that aims to be a long-term owner of small unlisted companies that represents interesting brands that got soul and passion.


Edenberg Design was created in the summer of 2019 to realize a vision.

A vision of supporting, leading, and engaging small business owners and interesting brands to take a bigger place in the market, as well as engaging in interesting ideas, developing solutions, and people passionate about their passion.

Peter Edenberg, the founder of Edenberg Design, has created a broad work experience throughout his life and is passionate about supporting people with passion, and sees opportunities in most things.


Edenberg Design’s business concept is to invest in businesses and brands that can provide a stable return in the long term, primarily by investing in businesses where Edenberg Design can function as a committed but not operational owner.


The strategy is to be a supportive partner who can help with finances, as well as contacts and be a potential value creation for the company, the owner and the brand.

Edenberg Design aims to develop its holdings in the long term through measures that promote growth and increase efficiency, both strategically and operationally, structurally and financially.

It’s not all about money, it’s about to make good business that everyone can feel good about.


Edenberg Design is always looking for opportunities to invest in companies with interesting ideas or represent passionate brands, and/or to find out possibilities for the brands Edenberg Design represent.

Do you see opportunities and/or possibilities, contact Peter and take a coffee.

Please call – +46 73 933 26 67 or mail at Peter@Edenbergdesign.com

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