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Rednex  – The greatest party band in the known universe

Back in 1994, Cotton Eye Joe smashed the European charts. No one that had their radio on at that time could miss the catchy tone of the Country/Europop song that climbed the charts everywhere. This was the beginning of music history. Today the band still has 70+ gigs yearly, each second four Rednex songs start playing – how can we make this brand help your company, product, or situation to be more fun, better and lucrative?

Cotton Eye Joe became number 1 in 15 countries in 1994/1995 and was the talk of the town. The touring flights were going all around Europe, but also outside to America, Australia, Japan, South Africa, New Zeeland, and South East Asia. 

After that monster hit, the guys behind the concept Rednex delivered two more No.1 hits during 1995 – Old Pop in an oak and Wish you were here. Which made Rednex the best-selling artist in Europe 1994/1995, with +9 million sold records.  Later, in 2000, Rednex released Spirit of the Hawk, which nailed itself to the German No.1 position for 9 weeks. 

This made Rednex the band with most weeks as No.1 on the German chart from 1978 up until this very day.

Rednex Logo

Four (4) Rednex songs start each second

Rednex has been featured in blockbuster movies as The Negotiator and Barnyard. They have been featured in tv-series as Family Guy, My name is Earl, Malcolm in the Middle, and New Girl.

Since 2017 USA has been the country that listens the most to Rednex on YouTube and Spotify. 

There are four Rednex songs that starts playing each second on YouTube and Spotify combined, as we speak – right now – minute after minute. 11 millions listenings each month (Jan 2023)

From band to performers – having 70+ gig´s a year. 

2012, Rednex AB scrap the idea of having one band and start a performers “pool” instead. Making Rednex an act, show, and entertainment band. 

The pool of performers makes the group be able to perform in higher volumes and several places at the same time. 

Rednex has made around 70+ concerts yearly since 2016 – which is the same amount as back in the platinum days in the ‘90s.  There have been times when Rednex has performed in three different cities at the same evening, thanks to the performance pool setup.

Rednex Cotton Eye Joe

What do you get as a company to cooperate with Rednex?

Of course you will have the opportunity to use Rednex YouTube, Facebook and Instagram channels and if you want to you will be promoted when the group is playing.

But other than that, when you work with Rednex as a brand only your imagination will put an stop to what you can get out of this deal. (of course everything needs to be legal!)

1. Have Rednex as a performance when you:

promote your new product / inaugurate your new facility / are having a big customer party

2. Rednex can work as a price in a competition:

private play on a customers party/backyard / birthday call from one of the members / invite customers to Rednex gig / party with the members

3. Use Rednex songs and material, for:

Commercial clips / background noice / visual effects

First Cooperation was with Green Jade Games.

The first cooperation/deal/feature Edenberg Design arranged with the Rednex brand, was together with Green Jade Games – a Maltese casino slot builder.

This deal was made in mid-February 2020 and landed as the casino slot Rednex K.O. – launched in December 2020. This slot is up and running in over 120 casino operators online Casinos – all over the world

Together with Green Jade Games we are looking forward to soon make a sequel to the first one.

Rednex K.O. Green JAde
Click the picture to try the game out

What can be done with Rednex as a brand?

Edenberg Design has a the rights from the owner of Rednex AB to come up with whatever crazy ideas we want. The crazier the better is the motto, do to Rednex is all about entertainment and the intention is to deliver a raw, unclean, messy, unsophisticated, and freakish performance with high energy to modern dance music coloured with folk melodies and instruments such as violin and banjo. 

The unique image of Rednex can be associated with dirt, dust, the Wild West, mud wrestling, inbreeding, rotten teeth, alcohol, smoking, wild party behavior, low IQ, etc. You get the picture.

Do you have any idea of what we can do, or do you have a brand that wants to be associated with one of the best selling, energetic, iconic groups from the 90s, give me a mail or call and we can have a chat.

Cotton eye joe beer


Rednex presentation and the whole chronicle

In this presentation you can find updated numbers on the Social Media channels and Spotify, more inspiration on what can be done with this amazing brand. Please push the picture below and the presentation will open up a new tab.

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If you are interested in the 89 pages chronicle where you can read the whole story about Rednex, from 1992, up until today, please push this link.

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