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Chef Jungstedt – Premium BonBon maker

Chef Jungstedt AB is a company that mainly holds educations in bonbon making from the level of beginners up to Michelin chefs. They also offer premium bonbon´s for Restaurants, Companies and private persons.

Kalle Jungstedt has worked as a chef since leaving school at the age of 18, in 1999. Since then he has worked continuously as a chef both internationally and in Stockholm popular restaurants.

During all these years Kalle has always had a fondness for the desserts and quality products.

Precision work has always been the motivator and have been the one super power he could safely lean on and against.

Hard training lead to a company

In the middle of 2016, Kalle began to look at how to make pralines. With inspiration from world leader Antione Bachour, extremely much training, long days, late nights and a lot of start-up stories – his vision is now reality, a few years later.

He started with 200 € in his pocket from his kitchen at home in Solna, Stockholm to now have a full equipped studio in Sickla, Stockholm where he teaches MasterClasses with students from all over the world.

Bonbon Chef Kalle Jungstedt runs the company Chef Jungstedt AB – manufacturer of Premium bonbons and a school for chocolatiers.

Chef Jungstedts have sold his online praline courses to 78 countries so far and he got +50.000 followers on Instagram. (Jan 2023)

Chef Jungstedt AB offers

  • Premium BonBon to Stockholm’s restaurants, events and private persons online and in his shop at Sickla, Stockholm.
  • School for trained chefs and private individuals around the whole globe. Both online and live.
  • A vision of what may be on your dessert plate in a few years.
Chef Jungstedt Kola Pralin

The goals of Chef Jungstedt

Chef Jungstedt’s goal is to drive the development and knowledge about chocolate and refine it to perfection. This by teaching his methods and technic to all the chocolate students out there.

Want to know more and maybe meet Kalle? What do you say? Should we meet over a beautiful praline in his studio in Stockholm?

Chef Jungstedt’s numbers

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Kalle Jungstedt Spritsar
Kalle Jungstedt – CEO Chef Jungstedt